Try out these games with your AI card deck. Whether a meeting at work, an intellectual discussion in a bar, during a creative block, game night with family, or on a date, these quick games can add some laughs, musings, and unlikely ideas to your interactions.

To play, you need to open the Fabricating Alternatives A.I. card deck.

Shared sessions in our beta will expire after 48 hours.

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Ideation Sessions & Energizers

😄 💬 ✎
first word

Read out a card and ask each person in the group to say or write down the first word that comes to mind. Compare the different perspectives and personalities that these stream-of-conscious responses reveal.

☠ 🐟
devil's advocate

Choose a card and have two people or two teams argue for or against it. Is it a utopia or dystopia idea? Would it work or not?

👤 ✋
futures charades

Separate into two teams, the first team chooses a card and has to act it out without speaking. Whichever team says one of the highlighted words first, gets a point. To make it more of a challenge, require that teams name all of the highlighted words.

🖼 ← ✏
speculative pictionary

Have everyone choose a card, without showing it to the others, and draw their interpretation of it on a piece of paper. Pass the paper to the person on your left, who writes down what they decipher in the drawing. Compare interpretations to the original question card.

☎ 🏃 💬

Participants start each Live Action Role Play by defining their fictional characters by drawing Concept Cards and interpreting them as a personality. Based on the words in your card, give your character a title and a goal.

🏳 📃
the new society

Draw a black Insight card and interpret it as the first statement in the constitution of a new government. Together, define the first four laws that this government will pass. Remember to defend the goals of your own LARP character.

👨 📖
the new school

Draw a black Insight card and interpret it as the mission statement of a new university. Together define the four new courses that this university requires all students to take. Remember to defend the goals of your own LARP character.

⌂ 🌎

We are launching our AI card deck in the middle of a global health crisis that has changed our daily lives in a radical way. More than the changes in our daily lives, with working from home, social distancing, and tons of industries being financially impacted, there is the broad question of what will the world look like when the dust settles? Often a crisis leads to a reassessment of our value systems, from non-essential jobs and possessions, to our expectations for our governments, or simply questioning the things that bring us joy. We came up with some games that might inspire us to contemplate what kind of world we want to emerge out of this.

🏭 👽

We know the world will look different after this crisis. The question is: will the societal reset look better or worse than before? Build an AI card deck with articles about post-crisis speculations (like this one or this one ) and see what kind of questions about the future you get. Decide which questions lead to a better world, or one that is worse off – a dystopia or utopia.

🏃 ↔ 🏃
sci-fi city

Does your empty city look like a scene from a science fiction movie? Take advantage of it to spark your imagination. Build your card deck with short science fiction stories or articles about the future. Go for a walk (but keep social distancing), and apply the questions to things you spot. Maybe this quarantine will inspire you to write a piece of fiction, think of a new invention, or solve a problem you didn’t notice before.

Created by Imagination of Things , a creative studio based in Amsterdam. It’s infused with our methodology around design fiction and our playful personality. Originally intended to help ideation sessions, we ended with an AI card deck that sparks thoughtful interaction. More about this process. We hope it will find new possibilities and use cases into the imagination of others.

This project started as a collaboration with Baltan Laboratories , an initiative for experimentation on the crossroads of art, design, science and technology, based in Eindhoven. Its kick-off and first iteration was kindly supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and Provincie Noord-Brabant.

Shared sessions will expire in 48 hours.

Font by Velvetyne.

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