a catalyst for beyond now ideas

⚡ How It Works ⚡

Build the Brain

Personalize your card deck by filling the machine with inspiring texts around the topics that you are exploring.

Explore your Cards

Flip through your card decks and compose provoking questions with the help of the machine.

Save Insights

Save insightful questions and interact with the machine's next level of provocations.


Share and buld card decks together and explore a topic in a group.

⚡ Getting Started ⚡

Setup a Session

Define your card deck with a title and description about a topic that you want to explore. ‘Build the brain’ of the machine with links to online content relevant to your topic.

  You can share your card with a group by sending the link to the session.


The red cards generate invention ideas – things to imagine and build around your topic: like a product or organization, a law or regulation, or even a new social norm. These cards are creative fuel to turn your thoughts into a tangible idea.

📃   Try to prototype an invention with pen and paper, cardboard, legos, script or code.

A tool for radical ideas in any space


Co-create with residents the future of city services and infrastructure.


Synthesize and remix theory in classroom discussion and reading groups.

Human Resources

Co-create the future of a company with the collective imagination of its members.


Ideate and spark new stories in creative teams.

Created by Imagination of Things , a creative studio based in Amsterdam. It’s infused with our methodology around design fiction and our playful personality. Originally intended to help ideation sessions, we ended with an AI card deck that sparks thoughtful interaction. More about this process. We hope it will find new possibilities and use cases into the imagination of others.

This project started as a collaboration with Baltan Laboratories , an initiative for experimentation on the crossroads of art, design, science and technology, based in Eindhoven. Its kick-off and first iteration was kindly supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and Provincie Noord-Brabant.

Shared sessions will expire in 48 hours.

Font by Velvetyne.

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